ANIMATIONS for OCEANOGRAPHY to accompany the

Thurman and Trujillo Essentials of Oceanography textbook (10th edition)


The animations are listed under the chapter to which they correspond.  Each animation

has a voice-over explanation, so turn your speakers on before you hit the “Play” button.


Ch 1 Introduction to Planet “Earth”

The Nebular Hypothesis of Solar System Formation

Radioactive Decay


CH 2 Plate Tectonics and the Ocean Floor

Breakup of Pangaea

Collapse of Mount St. Helens

Convergent Margins: India-Asia Collision

Flipping of Earth's Magnetic Field

Formation of an Ocean Basin by Sea Floor Spreading

Motion at Plate Boundaries

Global Geography Through Geologic Time

Relationship between Plate Boundaries and Features

Sea Floor Spreading and Plate Boundaries

Sea Floor Spreading and Rock Magnetism

Tectonic Settings of Volcanic Activity

Terrane Formation


CH 3 Marine Provinces

Sonar and Echolocation

Transform Faults

Turbidity Currents and Graded Bedding


CH 4 Marine Sediments

Calcareous Ooze and the CCD


CH 5 Water and Seawater

Earth's Water and the Hydrologic Cycle

Phase Changes of Water


CH 6 Air-Sea Interactions

Cold Fronts and Warm Fronts

Coriolis Effect

Cyclones and Anticyclones

Earth-Sun Relations

Global Wind Patterns


Seasons and Global Precipitation


CH 7 Ocean Circulation

Ekman Spiral and Coastal Upwelling/Downwelling

El Niño and La Niña

Ocean Circulation


CH 8 Waves and Water Dynamics

Interference Patterns in Waves


Wave Motion and Wave Refraction


CH 9 Tides

Monthly Tidal Cycle

Tidal Patterns


CH 10 Beaches and Shoreline Processes

Coastal Stabilization Structures

Longshore Current and Longshore Drift

Movement of a Barrier Island in Response to Rising Sea Level

Movement of Sand in a Beach Compartment

Summertime/Wintertime Beach Conditions


CH 12 Marine Life and the Marine Environment

Daily Movement of the Deep Scattering Layer (DSL)


CH 13 Biological Productivity

Ekman Spiral and Coastal Upwelling/Downwelling

Oceanic Midlatitude Productivity


CH 14 Animals of the Pelagic Environment

Sonar and Echolocation


CH 16 The Oceans and Climate Change

Atmospheric Energy Balance

Global Warming