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Intro To Oceanography, Fall 2015 (all done!)
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Trujillo and Thurman, 11th Edition

Recommended textbook:
Essentials of Oceanography,
by Trujillo & Thurman, 11th Edition
ISBN-13 978-0-321-83405-0

REQUIRED: We used MODIFIED MasteringOceanography through Blackboard

DO NOT buy the Mastering code anywhere other than through the MiraCosta bookstore or Blackboard!!!

See info below...


  1. Buy it at the MiraCosta bookstore, without the Mastering Code
  2. buy the e-Book, with the Mastering Code through Blackboard
  3. buy a used copy of Essentials 11th Edition online (usual places) and buy your code alone or with e-Book through Blackboard

MyLab & Mastering Resources

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Ugly Word, Even Uglier Deed!!!
(read the syllabus!)
A Few General Local References:
A Few General Oceanography Links:

PowerPoint Presentations

San Diego by the Sea
Class Introductory PowerPoint:
Here's a link to the Chapter PowerPoints:
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Powerpoint Handouts, in Flash and outline (PDF) format
these are based on Trujillo & Thurman, 11th edition

Many animations, plus voice-overs! (10th edition of the text)
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